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Wasp Nest Prices 


Single nest in the ground, in a shed or low level of building £40. Higher up: £50 - £70

For more nests during the same visit £15 - £25

Please ensure you definitely have a wasp nest and that they are not bees as we do not remove or destroy any type of bee. If you are unsure please call for advice.

(We do not remove a wasp nest after treatment, it will disintegrate in time)

Telephone 01746 218 487 or 07891 168961 

We cover all of Bridgnorth and surrounding areas up to a 10 mile radius. If you live outside this area there will be a small charge for the extra travelling costs

Please don't be tempted to plug the entrance to the nest as the wasps can and will find another exit and by chewing their way out of the confined space they may end up inside your house. 

Our Service

We will use a professional powder or spray and can reach most inaccessable places.

Usually all activity will be gone within 24-48 hours, if the problem persists beyond 14 days we will come back to re-treat the problem free of charge as part of our guarantee.

You should never ignore a wasp nest if it is in your home or garden. It will continue to grow over the summer and the majority of wasps will die off before winter. However, at the end of the season, the queen will produce new queens who will hibernate over winter, emerge the following spring and build a new nest nearby. Which means that next year your problem is likely to be worse.

A nest begins life approximately the size of a golf ball, after several months the nest can get bigger than a filled dustbin liner and will contain thousands of wasps. At this point if the space the nest occupies isn’t big enough they will have to expand, and can chew through plasterboard and wood in order to create more space. This damage can cause ceilings to collapse and nests fall into the room below.

Aside from the obvious painful stings, there are people who suffer anaphylactic shock as a result which can be fatal.

All prices are  inclusive of VAT

No call out fee (unless there is no nest!)

If you find you have a problem please do not hesitate to call...advice is free!

Calls are taken up to 10pm weekdays and weekends.

During this busy period visits can be made every day including weekends and evenings usually on the day you call.