Rodent Control Prices


Rodent control cost 

Please call for appointments or free advice on the phone.

07891 168961 or  01746 218487

£50 per visit, normally two to three treatment visits are nescessary unless there is a large infestation. To visit a property and give advice only is charged at £40. If you are more than 10 miles from Bridgnorth there is a small mileage fee. 

What we do:

If you discover that you may have rodents (rats or mice) visiting or nesting in or around your property we will firstly inspect the premises quite often with the help of Ollie the dog (with your permission). He will search for rat holes and runs. We will try to tackle the problem by taking an enviromental friendly approach first so as not to use rodenticides but this is not always possible. If rodenticides have to be used and there is no alternative we will work out the best places to apply it, being mindful of any children, pets and wildlife to ensure nothing else has access to it.

We also try to look for the reason rodents are visiting your property, it may be bird feeding spillage or that they are attracted to waste in a compost bin or recycled waste bins. You may have an old wood pile or overgrown vegetation. They can gain access to inside your home through gaps and holes in walls and broken ventilation bricks. You may have broken waste pipe, easy access to roof spaces or just simply that your property provides a run through to the neighbour who may be unknowingly attracting them. 

If we have not had to use a rodenticide or traps and advice has been given as to what action needs to be taken to eliminate the rodents it is up to the customer to follow this advice and report on the outcome as they see fit. To visit a property and give advice like this is charged at £40. We also provide a proofing service in some instances such as sealing up holes and fitting guards at extra cost. This would have to be discussed at the time of the visit.   

Dead Bodies

Unfortunately it is possible that you may find dead bodies.

We will remove any dead bodies that are visible and a search is always made.

We will use traps where possible but sometimes rodenticides have to be used.

If a rodent should die inside your property (eg: in an attic) the odour can be very unpleasant while it is decomposing. If possible we will locate and remove it but unfortunately it may be somewhere inaccessible such as in-between cavity walls. The solution here is to either wait until decomposition is complete (a couple of weeks depending on temperature) or we can provide odour bags which absorb the smells and are quite successful.

On completion

We cannot guarantee you will be free of rodents forever. We will control the situation and get rid of the present infestation. However it is up to the property owner to try to prevent rodents from gaining entry in future.

This can be done in a number of ways and we can advise the best course of action while we are treating the problem.

Please note:
We may need to visit your property a few times to check and re-fill or re-set traps. Timing is important for success so once you have decided to use our service please ensure that you can be available or make arrangements for access so we can re-visit when necessary.

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